I Can't Wait For To See You This Weekend! Father's Day Edition

  Welcome back, I am so glad you are here! This weekend starts another round of markets and hope that you get a chance to enjoy the weekend with me. These markets give me a chance to meet you all. These markets also give you a chance to see and hold my work.

   Friday 6/15/18: The Dartmouth Farmers Market is located on the St. Mary's Parish lawn in Padanaram Village in Dartmouth MA. Padanaram is a nice ride and there are a lot of nice shops in the area to walk around while you are in the area. This is one of those quaint New England town settings that is worth coming to see

   Saturday 6/16/18: The Somerset Open Air Market (SOAM) is located at Newhill and Riverside Ave. in Somerset MA. This Market is what is referred to as a Maker's Market. They select craters and artisans only; if you like original and unique this is the place for you! They also have a lot of family friendly activities for all age groups: let the kids climb on the fire truck while you partake in the yoga classes or just stroll around enjoying the food and window shopping. You will love this event!

   Sunday 6/17/18: This is the Swansea Farmer's Market located at Stony Creek Farm in Swansea MA. This market is set on the farm and what a farm it is! You are going to love the cows, goats… and horses! The petting zoo along with pony rides will keep the kids happy. The prepared food is farm fresh and as tasty as the meat and produce you will want to grab for that farm fresh dinner you will be inspired to make.  

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